ACCENT - Architecture and Real estate

Architecture and construction

Let's create together a masterpiece of architectural art !

Projects for urban development, residential, commercial, cultural, hotel, administrative, educational, hospital, sport, industrial and infrastructural buildings including all engineering projects.

Interior and exterior design.

State-of-the-art furniture and equipment.

Synthesis of architecture with applied and monumental arts.

  • Research of parcels for construction.
  • Elaboration of the PMBRP.
  • Procurement of primary data and licences.
  • Quick projecting services.
  • Acquisition of a contruction license.
  • Coordination with the necessary institutions.
  • Agreement and legalisation of the projects.
  • Author's control of the construction.
  • Consulting and expert appraisal.
  • Administrative and legal services.
  • New construction and restoration.
  • New building materials and technologies.

Real estate deals

The perfect real estate deals are our signature !

Expert professional activity in the real estate field - purchase, sale, renting of apartments, houses, parcels, commercial, administrative and industrial buildings.

Administrative services.

Complete and documented check of property.

  • Market analysis.
  • Individual estimations.
  • Development of an advertising strategy for properties.
  • Advertising in the media and on Internet.
  • Organisation of visits.
  • Precise check of the property.
  • Certificates for charges.
  • Legal consultations.
  • Notarial transactions.
  • Property administration.

Our clients always become our friends!
Looking forward to meet you!

The president of Accent Ltd.: architect Valeri Yotov

Contact details : ACCENT Bulgaria Ltd

  • 4, Dostoevski Street, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • e-mail: info [snail] accent [period] bg

You can meet our contact for Western Europe in Paris, France.
Please email Petko Yotov at 5ko [snail] 5ko [period] fr.